Our History

We have been kindly offered some insight in to the history of Newburgh FC from a man well known to East Shore Park – Neil Campbell.
Neil will be submitting articles for us to publish that will give a brief understanding of Newburgh Juniors FC and our history.
Neil’s first article relates to the formation of Tayside Albion which was the seed from which Newburgh sprung!

The Club, Newburgh FC, started as Tayside Albion in 1903. As was common at the time as Association Football became popular, the club was a works team.
The players were all employees of Tayside Flooring Company, hence the name of the club.
This changed shortly after to Newburgh West End FC.
The reason for the change has been lost but it may have been that, as the company employed a large proportion of the town,there may have been another team started,but there is no definitive evidence of this.
The players of Tayside Albion may all have worked at ‘the West End’ of the site leading to the new name.
To many of the next couple of generations the club would always be ‘The West End’
Coming home from away matches the Auld Boys would always ask ‘How’d the West End get on the day?


The ‘West End’ in the early years played teams in both Fife and Perthshire.  The ‘West End’ was dropped for a legal/financial reason. A wealthy supporter who remained anonymous to the Club passed away and left what was at the time a substantial amount of money in their will. The problem was that the money was left to ‘Newburgh FC’ . Although they were, at the time the only football club in the town, the Club were advised that to legally get the money the name would have to be changed. At the start of the next season when registering with the SFA/SJFA the club changed the name and have always been formally recognised as Newburgh FC. The money bequeathed to the club was invested and was intended to be the safeguard if hard times came to the club.