Score Predictor Competition

Would you like to help your local club whilst testing your football knowledge?

Newburgh Juniors are once again this year running our score predictor league over the course of the football season.

Predict the scores of 3 fixtures every week (normally Saturday). Points are earned for predicting the correct result (2) or correct score (5)

1 bonus game per week scores double points.

Non submission of scores results in a non-scoring draw being forecast for fixtures missed.

At the end of the 10 week league season , in event of a points tie goals predicted against goals actually scored in all fixtures decides the winner (goals under beats goals over if there is a tie in this too)

The season runs over 10 weeks – 30 games to forecast

The first league this season starts on the 24th of August.

All communication via Whatsapp group, text or email.

£1 per week paid 10 weeks in advance to be paid before the first games kick off. Paypal or cash accepted.

1st prize 40% of total pot

Runner up 20% of total pot

Newburgh Juniors 40% of total pot

Interested in taking part and helping your local club? Get in touch to take part via any of our social media channels or email the website

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