Getting to know us – Robbie McKenzie-Smith

As we are currently locked down, we thought this would be a great chance to get to know the squad and officials at the club a bit better.

So, we have designed a questionnaire that will give you a clear and deep understanding of what makes our club tick……

Next up – The Robster – Robbie McKenzie-Smith

Q1 – What was your favourite game involving Newburgh this season?

A – The cup win away to Armadale Thistle

Q2 – Who is you favourite all time Newburgh player?

A – Tully – Alan Tulleth

Q3 – In your opinion which team, this season, were our toughest opponents?

A – Rosyth

Q4 – Which player in Newburgh’s current team is you favourite ?

A – Gordon Clark

Q5 – In all of your years watching Newburgh what is you favourite moment?

A – When we beat Glenrothes in the cup.

Q6 – What have you been doing during lockdown ?

A – Walking and playing table tennis

Q7 – Which away ground was your favourite to visit this season?

A – Pumphertson

Q8 – Who is you all time favourite player in the Scottish league?

A – Sam Cosgrove

Q9 In your opinion who is the biggest moan at Newburgh?

A – The Broon – Eddie Brown

Q10 – In your opinion which team has the best pies away from Newburgh?

A – Lochgelly Albert

The Robster will nominate the next person to face the questions….. Keep your eyes peeled for the next set of answers, coming soon…..

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