Getting to know us – Calum Sutherland

As we are currently locked down, we thought this would be a great chance to get to know the squad and officials at the club a bit better.

So, we have designed a questionnaire that will give you a clear and deep understanding of what makes our club tick……

Next up – Big C – Calum Sutherland

Q1 – What was your favourite game involving Newburgh this season?

A – Armadale away, the boys were on it that day

Q2 – Who is the best player you have played with in your football career?

A – Kevin Byers

Q3 – In your opinion which team, this season, were our toughest opponents?

A – Rosyth or Whitburn

Q4 – Who has the worst musical taste at the club?

A – The Perth boys

Q5 – Which moment sticks in your mind from this season as a personal highlight?

A – Rosyth at home midweek at the start of the season, felt I played well that night

Q6 – Who is the joker in the squad – provide an example?

A – Jives – saying “get it up yi” any time he bangs one top bin in warm up 😂

Q7 – What have you been doing to keep yourself fit in the shutdown?

A – Tried running, its not for me

Q8 – Which away ground was your favourite to visit this season?

A – Bo’ness

Q9 – Who is you all time favourite Scottish football player?

A – Craig Gordon

Q10 – In your opinion who is the biggest moaner at the club

A – Scott Sutherland, no doubt….

Calum will nominate the next person to face the questions….. Keep your eyes peeled for the next set of answers, coming soon…..

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